Good pictures are crucial marketing tools for a home sale. It begins with a home professionally photographed as an important part of effective marketing. Homeowners and Realtors® depend on high-quality, high-resolution images not just to sell the home, but to sell it at a higher price, and sooner.

I will be photographing both the inside and outside of your home, as well as all of the major rooms. We normally do not photograph the garage unless it has special features.

If you have special features of your home that are not obvious, please let me know about these, so I will be sure to include them in the shoot.

Key Advice

De-Clutter and De-Personalize!

The goal is to enable potential buyers to project themselves into the home.
Remember that you are selling the room and not the furniture.

Plan Ahead

- Walk through each room and criticize the home from a buyer's perspective.
- Ask a few local real estate professionals or home stagers for their advice.
- Consider getting a professional home inspection to see if any repairs are needed.
- Hire a contractor to handle any major projects.
- Consider getting an appraisal to find out your current market value.
- Hold a yard sale. Sell, donate or trash anything you don't need.

Details by Area

A Little Bit of Preparation Goes a Long Way

If your real estate photographer arrives, and they see that the home has not been prepared for the photo shoot, then you might be charged a cancellation fee and be forced to reschedule. Or, the photographer might move forward with the photo shoot, but the results will be unprofessional and they will not look good on your real estate listing. It is very important that you spend the time that is needed to make sure that your home is prepared so that the photographer has something to work with.

Hire a REALTOR that Uses a Professional Real Estate Photographer

While it may seem faster and easier to simply take your own photos or use your Realtors phone pictures and upload them to the internet, in reality this can hinder the sale of a home. Ultimately hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer can help you sell your listings faster and at higher prices.

Still not convinced?  Below are 5 reasons you should hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer.

#1: Professional Real Estate Photographers Know How To Showcase A Home’s Best Assets

While any smartphone or digital camera can take pictures of clients’ homes, Professional Real Estate Photographers have experience highlighting a home’s space and design. Showing the interior and exterior of a house with proper lighting isn’t always simple, especially if you are trying to sell in the winter. A Professional Real Estate Photographer has the knowledge and experience to emphasize the beauty of a home at any time of day and at any time of year.

#2: Your Listings Will Attract More Attention

Mobile apps, interactive websites, and tablets are all essential tools for selling real estate listings. Nine out of ten home buyers use the internet at some point in their search for a new home, and over 50% of home buyers said that the internet was the first place they looked. Professional Real Estate Photography will catch the eyes of internet browsers and help those listings to stand out in their online search against hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of other homes, condos, apartments, multi family units, and much more.

#3: Your Home Will Sell A lot Faster

When you work on commission, speed matters. If you have the ability to sell two homes a week instead of one, or 15 instead of 7, that means more money for you. Real Estate listings using Professional Real Estate Photography sell 32% faster than listings that do not. Make sure to look for Professional Real Estate Photographers who provide quick turnarounds, and quality Professional Real Estate Photography, and you will have offers on your listings in no time.

#4: Your Listing Will Sell For More Money

Professional Real Estate Photography will highlight the value of properties and make them look more attractive to home buyers. By grabbing the attention of more qualified home buyers, you are likely to have more people bidding on your homes, and this high demand should increase the prices that are offered. Generally speaking, Professional Real Estate Photography can help to sell your listings 39% closer to their actual listing price.

#5: Hiring A Professional Real Estate Photographer Can Provide More Than Just Great Pictures

As technology continues to evolve, more opportunities to display your homes online become available. In today’s day in age, you are not limited to 2D photos anymore. A variety of Real Estate Photographers have expanded their services to include Aerial Photography,  Immersive 3D tours, and video tours. This can help you to expand the number of home buyers viewing (and possibly bidding on) homes, because it appeals to out-of-town home buyers who may not be able to see the home in person. Even local buyers like these additions, because they allow them to get a more in-depth look at properties in a fast, efficient way. Overall, Professional Real Estate Photography is an investment that will give you peace of mind and a higher sale price.

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