Arrange furniture to create a beautiful & comfortable space

218 Bentley Court

Tip: Float Furniture

Pull furniture away from the walls to create groups within a room and to help with the traffic flow in and through the space.

Open the windows to showcase the view

1921 Pembina Ave

Tip: Revive Hardwood Floors

Adding drama to old hardwood flooring is easier than you might think. First, isolate damaged boards, cut them out, and replace them with new pieces. Rent a sander from a local hardware store, and give the floor a good sanding. The last step is to stain the boards with a rich color, and watch your floor go from drab to dramatic in no time.

Have a nice coffee table book as d├ęcor

1233 9th Street East

Tip:  Less Is More

Too much furniture is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make. Consider arranging a few core pieces in your space and see the difference.

Remove magazines (look trashy & cluttered)

202 Nahanni Drive

Bookshelves & Tables: Take off half the items, arrange in nice pattern

3298 Chuka Blvd-Carter

Clean up electronic cords

1233 9th Street East

De-clutter fireplace mantel/hearth (no more than 5 items, including art)

418 Horlick Manor

Remove kid's toys. Keep the "adult' theme to the living room.

1514 Pringle Cres
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