Prep for Photographer - Real Estate Pics

Have your home ready to shoot!

Save time by having all the lights on, open the blinds & curtains for great light, put your pet(s) away and put those garbage cans on the street.


Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize

- Thoroughly clean the entire home.

- Repair cracks and holes in the walls.

- Paint interior walls with neutral colors, like beige, cream or light pastels. Pale blues and greens are good for bathrooms.

- Remove excess and oversized furniture.

- Rearrange furniture to maximize space.

- Organize room closets and store out-of-season clothes.

- Remove all small appliances, toys, magazines and pet items.

- Remove family photos, personal collections and medications.

- Remove items from the garage and store them off site.

Fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen adds some color & decoration

1514 Pringle Cres

Open the blinds/curtains for good light

314 Teal Cres

Turn ALL interior and exterior lights ON

418 Horlick Manor

Tip: Appeal to the Senses

- Bake cookies or burn scented candles.

- Offer light refreshments.

- Install higher wattage incandescent light bulbs to brighten rooms.

- Open windows to let in fresh air.

- Open curtains or blinds to let in natural light and show off views.

- Refrain from smoking in the home.

Turn OFF the TV(s) & Computer Screens. Hide remotes.

551 Childers Cres

Turn ON the fireplace

314 Teal Cres

Fluff and arrange pillows in all rooms

3294 Chuka Blvd-Ella

Remove personal photographs (or replace with general landscape/object photographs & art)

3290 Chuka Blvd-Fynn

Remove small floor rugs to reveal actual flooring

418 Horlick Manor

Hide magazines, tissue boxes, garbage cans

551 Childers Cres

• Open the shower curtain and have no items in the shower

1921 Pembina Ave

Hide personal items in the bathrooms (soap, toothbrushes, shampoo…)

1921 Pembina Ave

Hide ALL evidence of pets (bowls, bed, toys). Pets should also be out of site.

2056 Brighton Common

Hide religious or political items. Put away your diploma on the wall.

1514 Pringle Cres

A Little Bit of Preparation Goes a Long Way

If your real estate photographer arrives, and they see that the home has not been prepared for the photo shoot, then you might be charged a cancellation fee and be forced to reschedule. Or, the photographer might move forward with the photo shoot, but the results will be unprofessional and they will not look good on your real estate listing. It is very important that you spend the time that is needed to make sure that your home is prepared so that the photographer has something to work with.

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