Our Marketing Tool Kit

(INCLUDED with a Full Photo Shoot)

Property Websites

Choose from a variety of single property website design styles and colors. These sites are designed to be user-friendly, visually appealing, and simple to adapt to your particular needs as you market your listings and build your real estate brand for the future.

All websites include branded and unbranded versions. Our Unbranded Link is MLS compliant!

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Social Media

For real estate agents that want to be pro-active about marketing a listing, social media is the place to be. We provide a variety of templates for posting to social media, making it easy to look good in the social-sphere.

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Social Media Image Tiles

With social media tiles made instantly from the photos and information in the property, Real Estate professionals are ready to spread the word about that hot new listing.

Is there an Open House? Did the property sell quickly?

Social media followers need to know that too!

Create Image collages for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more!

Social Media Videos

Social media videos for every occasion are included in every Marketing Kit. With branded and unbranded options, and two sizes of teaser videos, your photos will come to life, grab attention and get shared in social feeds.

Flyer Templates

With more than a dozen flyer templates to choose from, creating a full-page flyer from the high-resolution photos is a snap. Customize the photos, text and more in seconds and your flyer is instantly ready to download as a PDF or print!

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Inventory Websites

Do you want to display all of their active properties on their website? Our Client Listings pages can be customized to show the properties that they want, in the colors and theme that they need. These work great embedded into their existing website or as a stand-alone inventory website.

Weekly Analytics

By tracking a variety of key analytics your clients can see what marketing channels are working for them. By sending this information to their seller, your client will keep everyone in the loop and happy with progress - even if there wasn't a showing that week.

Lead Capture System

Every website includes a hotline number that buyers can use to call or text to get more information about the property. On every call or text, your client receives a text message with the buyer's phone number - giving them a fantastic lead on their listing!

YouTube & Vimeo Automation

By uploading your social media videos automatically to YouTube or Vimeo channels for you, your clients, or whole offices at a time, your video marketing stays current and fresh.

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